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2018 Flex Pass Options

Flex Passes are good for SAQ and Football Skills personal training

60 min (1 hour) Training Flex Pass (either SAQ or Football)

5  Session Pass - $225 (save $25)

10 Session Pass - $435 (save $65)

15 Session Pass - $630 (save $120)

20 Session Pass - $780 (save $220)


Book Personal Training Sessions Online

Book Training!

Buy your Flex Pass and Book your Personal Training Sessions online through you PC or Phone

We are excited to introduce our new online booking tool for Personal Training and for buying training Flex Passes. This new tool is designed to help you easily purchase the Flex Pass you want and quickly find the day(s) and time(s) that work for you and allow you to reserve them online. No more back and forth emails with us or an endless string of text messages passing around timeslots that would work. No more guessing how many sessions you have left on your Flex Pass either!

Buy your Flex Pass and book your training online all in one place!

The Flex Pass functionality you've been waiting for!

For Flex Pass owners the new tool will automatically track how many sessions you have left and not charge you for those remaining sessions as you book them. Once you run out of sessions the system will automatically start charging you again (or you can buy another Flex Pass!). This is a feature all of us have been waiting for!

For example - if you buy a 10 session 60min Training Flex Pass you'll be able to book any of our 60 minute sessions (SAQ or Football Skills) and the system will know that you're booking the time using your Flex Pass and mark your booking as part of your Prepaid package. Once you book 10 sessions pricing will revert back to $45.

Flex Passes

The way they were meant to work!

Flex Pass Owners will see the "Prepaid Package" screen above when they book sessions using thier Flex Pass

No more guessing about the Expiration Date and Number of Sessions remaining!

You'll notice the expiration date and number of sessions left on your pass on the Request screen (see image above). The info is located right below where is says Speed, Agility & Quickness.

How it works for Flex Pass owners

Note: Unlike single training sessions, where we don't require payment at the time of reservation, Flex Passes require payment at the time of purchase. You'll need a credit/debit card handy when you go to purchase a Flex Pass online.

If you'd prefer Flex Passes can still be purchased on-site using cash or check

If you'd prefer this - just book your first session with us without buying a Flex Pass online. You can book individual sessions without making payment online. At your first session we will take care of purchasing and assigning the Flex Pass to your account.

Step 1: Click the blue Book Online button found on the left hand side of every page (scroll up a bit)

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Flex Pass that best works for you (60min session and 90min session passes available in various increments)

Step 3: Enter your mobile number. You'll get a text with a validation code that you need to type in. Note: Your mobile number acts as your account number so if you're new to the system you'll be asked to enter in some information (including credit card when buying a Flex Pass). After the first time the system will know its you by your mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the 4 digit validation number you received via text from PocketSuite.

Step 5: Either (a) setup credit card payment or (b) use the card you've previously put on file in the system. You may have more than one credit/debit card in the system. All Visa, MC, and Amex cards are accepted. Please note: there is 3% convenience fee added to the purchase of Flex Passes when paying by credit card. This is due to the processing fees the credit card companies charge.

Step 6: Complete the Purchase by clicking on the green Purchase button.

That's it! You're now the proud owner a new training Flex Pass.

When you click the green Done button at the bottom you'll be taken back to the beginning where you can now select the training session you want and go through the steps to book your training session

Need help booking your session(s)? Check out our step-by-step guide HERE