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Booking Mulitple Sessions
Right now the new Online Reservation system does NOT support booking multiple sessions at one time. You will need to book each day/time you want individually through the tool. You won't be able to, for example, choose every Monday from 4-5pm for the next 5 weeks at one time. We are working with PocketSuite to see if we can get this feature implemented but for now you'll have to book each sessions individually.

Book Online!

Book your Personal Training Sessions online through your PC or Phone

We are excited to introduce our new online booking tool for our Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) and Football Skills Personal Training sessions. This new tool is designed to help you easily find the day(s) & time(s) that work best for you and reserve them right from your PC or phone. No more back and forth emails with us or an endless string of text messages passing around timeslots that would work.

Book your training online, get text/email reminders of your session and even setup Easy Pay so you don't have to worry about bringing cash, check or card to each training session!

Our new Online Scheduling tool is live and ready for you. No more back & forth in email or text trying to find a day and time that works best for everyone. Our availablity is now posted online and only available time slots are open to be booked.

The detailed steps on how to reserve time with us are below. You can even setup fast pay through our new Online Scheduling tool using a Visa, MC or Amex. If you set this up there will be no need to bring any payment to the training session. We'll charge your card after the session and send you a link to the reciept. Yes, it's that easy!

If you own one of our new online Flex Passes scheduling sessions is just as easy. Book a session while you own an active Flex Pass and your training cost for that session will be $0. Our system will even track how many you have left!

Online Scheduling

Find and reserve the times that work for you!

Available day(s) and time(s) will be the only ones open to schedule so no more back & forth with us trying to figure out what times work best for everyone

How it works when Scheduling a Training Session online

Note: There is no deposit or up-front payment required when booking Personal Training sessions. You can still pay by cash, check or even credit/debit card on site if you don't want to pay by credit/debit card via the online tool

Step 1: Click the blue Book Online button found on the left hand side of the screen

Step 2: Select the Training Session you'd like to attend. We have both 60min sessions (SAQ or Football Skills) and 90min sessions (Combo SAQ/Football Skills) available. Note: If you are booking your FIRST training session with us please choose the Intro session. This will let us know you're joining us for the first time and help us make sure we come prepared for an athlete review.

Step 3: Select the Date & Time you'd like to train. Note: Depending on your location we might reply to you and ask that we incorporate some travel time buffer if you end up training right after another athlete

Step 4: Enter your Location. Please enter the city you live in. This tells us what area our training session might end up being in. We will message you after you book the session so that we can land on a location that works best for all of us. Once we have talked and agree on a location for training you can enter that exact location here instead of just your city. Our standard area of training consists of Sammamish, Issaquah, Redmond, Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Woodinville. We do travel to other areas but depending on location a minimal travel fee is charged. The charge will never exceed $15.

Step 5: Enter any additional Details. Please enter any notes you might want us to have about your athlete or situation. If we have any questions we will message you after we receive the reservation notice.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number. After you enter your number you'll get a text with a validation code that you need to type in. Note: Your mobile number acts as your account number so if you're new to the system you'll be asked to enter in some information (including credit card when buying a Flex Pass). After the first time the system will know its you by your mobile number even though you will still get a text with a code to enter. This is so no one can use your number (and attached credit card if it's there) to book sessions.

Step 4: Enter the 4 digit validation number you received via text from PocketSuite.

Please Note: Steps #3 & #4 happen as a part of every reservation request. Even if you've just gone through it for one date it will ask you do it again when booking the second date. While we know this can become annoying and are working with the PocketSuite team to see if we can make this experience better, the process does exist for your protection. We don't want anyone else booking sessions under your mobile number and possibly using your credit card (if you've put it online).

Step 5: Review the Reservation details. If you have a valid Flex Pass on your account you will see that the price of the training has changed to "Prepaid Package".

Step 6: Complete the Reservation by clicking on the green Request reservation button.

That's it! You're now booked in our system. We will confirm your training request within 24 hours or less (a lot less!). We will confirm a field location with you and let you know if we have any questions we will message you.

When you click the green Done button at the bottom you'll be taken back to the beginning where you can now select another training session and go through the steps to book any additional training sessions.

Want to buy one of our digital Flex Passes? Check out how to get one HERE!