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    Our Coaching Philosophy

    Coaching Staff Certifications

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    Over 50 combined years of youth coaching experience across multiple sports and with both boys and girls

    The Structural Sports coaching method is built on a simple concept

    instruction by demonstration

    We believe that kids learn more from what they see than what they hear.

    We don't preach, we teach

    Fundamentals progression happens in small chunks and needs focus on the 'little things', with lots of reps, in order to ensure proper muscle memory is developed at a young age.

    We take this approach in all aspects of our training including sport skill and life skill related lessons

    Our Guiding Light

    How we provide instruction is as important as what instruction we provide

    We keep our coach to player ratios low so that each athlete gets 'eyes' on them throughout each and every workout.

    Our 5 Coaching Pillars