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Interested in signing up for multiple SAQ or Personal Skills Training sessions?  What to get all the kids involved?  We offer Multi Session Flex Passes and Family Discounts to help you make the most of your training budget!

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Unique Training Program

Schedules are busy.

Commitments are tough.

We understand.

We're parents too.

That why we built our training sessions with flexibilty in mind

We call it "Pay as You Train"

We believe that learning the fundamentals and perfecting them through tons of repetition will help you develop the skills necessary to become a better athlete.

Our training sessions are designed with this philosophy in mind. With a focus on technique and drills designed to develop muscle memory over time we ensure the athletes perfect those skills during the offseason.

Our 'Pay as You Train' programs allow you the flexibility to attend as many or as little training sessions as you wantYou pay for the ones you attend.  That's it.

The more you attend, the better you'll get.

Whether it's Speed & Agility, position specific training or one of our sports camps we have something for everyone all year long. Throughout the Winter, Spring and Summer we'll have plenty of training opportunities for you to choose from. Come to one, come to many or come to them all.

Your training schedule is your own. Own it.


Training Schedule
Agility Training

Pass Blocking - Getting a Rebound - Running the Football - Dribbling - Going up for a catch - Defending against a Post Player - Rolling out of the Pocket - Making a Lay Up - Making a Tackle - Stealing the Ball - Snagging an Interception - Stuffing a Run

All these things take agility to do right

Every Structural Sports camp starts with a session of agility training.  Every Camp.  Every Player.