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7th Grade Elite Football player working on Running Back skills


Football Skills Personal Training Program

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Our Personal Training Program, the fastest growing part of our company, is now a year long offering that we're excited to expand in 2019. Every athlete is different and while the skills needed to compete at a high level are the same, where each person is on the training continuum is different. That's where Personal Training comes in.
By working 1:1 with one of experienced coaches our athletes will have a chance to maximize their training time. While each training session will cover all the performance elements the athlete needs to succeed our coaches will also ensure that extra focus is given to those areas that need the most work. We know your time is valuable and training is just a small portion of your week. By working in a 1:1 setting with one of our coaches you'll make the most out of every session.

10th Grade Baseball player working with Coach Beauchamp on Core strength and conditioning

How's does Personal Training work?

So you've decided you want to start some training but aren't sure what to do next. We've kept it simple and flexible!

Online Scheduling! Click the blue Book Online button on the left and schedule your session(s) using our new online scheduling tool. When you're ready to get started there is no need to send an email or make a phone call (unless you want to!). On your time, from your PC or phone, you can now schedule your sessions for any available time that shows up in the tool. Sessions are open now for booking all the way into August!

Once you book a session (or 2, or 3, etc.) I will reach out to you within 24 hours to determine our training location. After our initial session we'll use the scheduling tool to book all future sessions. Training reminders can come to your phone via text or to your email. It's all up to you!

Training payments made easy! We're also implementing a new system this year that will allow you to put a credit/debit card on file with us. This will allow you to easily pay for your training sessions. No need to bring cash/checks to the training sessions...once we're done a charge will be made against the card on file. Easy as that!

Want to pre-pay for a group of Personal Training sessions? We make that easy as well!

Using the same blue Book Online button you can select the Flex Pass that is right for you. Once I get notified you've purchased a Flex Pass and you've booked your first session (or more) I'll reach out to you and we can work together to determine a location that convienent for us to train at. We offer 5, 10, 15 and 20 hour 60 min Personal Training Flex Passes.

Click Here to visit our Pricing Page to learn more about our pricing or jump right to the Registration Center, get your training pass and kick things off today! Personal Training pricing can be found at the bottom of this page.

2018 Personal Training

2018 Personal Training Cost

60 minute session : $50

Personal Training Flex Pass Pricing

Good for all of 2018

5 Hour Flex Pass :$225 (Save $25)

10 Hour Flex Pass : $435 (Save $65)

15 Hour Flex Pass: $630 (Save $120)

20 Hour Flex Pass : $780 (Save $220)

Visit our Registration Center today to buy a Personal Training Single or Multi-Session Pass and get started with your training right away!

Our Flex Passes come with a Money Back Guarantee! If you're unable to schedule sessions you paid for due to scheduling conflicts with our coaches we will refund 100% of the remaining value of the Flex Pass you purchased. Each Flex Pass is good for all of 2018 so we're confident you'll be able to make use of the entire card but if not...we'll take care of you. Guaranteed!

2018 Coaching Staff

Personal Training Coaching Staff

"Zach is really enjoying the training. He loves your style and the mix of footwork, speed, vertical and football skills work you put him through. I have no doubt that he will be much faster and stronger under your training before season starts this year. We're so happy we found you!"

Speed, Agility and Quickness Coaches

Nick Beauchamp

BA Exercise Science and Sports Performance, UCF

4+ Years Experience training young athletes - Skyline HS Strengh and Conditioning Coach. Speed Coach for Skyline HS Track & Field.

"Deacon is really loving the training! His self confidence is way up and he really likes your positive approach that's direct and honest about the things he needs to work on. He comes home sore but loves that he's getting stronger and faster every week. Keep up the great work Darren!"

Darren Trencher

12+ years experience

Specializing in running form, lateral agility, quickness training as well as core strength for athletes 8-17 yrs old

Quarterback Coach

Joe Greene

Class of 2018 Varsity QB

Skyline HS Varsity Starting QB as Junior and Senior

Offensive/Defensive Line Coach

Matthew Cindric

Top Rated Lineman and 1st Team Kingco Offensive and Defensive Line for 2017

Univ. of California 2018 Commit!

Running Back/Linebacker/WR/TE/OL/DL Coach

Darren Trencher

Skyline High School Football Coach - coached RB, OL, DL, LB

Over 12 years of experience training young athletes across all positions

Chris Johnson (CJ)

Class of 2019 Varsity WR