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Fundamental Skills Training

Learn how to do it right and you'll have a lot more FUN on the field now and in the future!


Learning how to do something correctly, whether it's walking, talking, singing, tying your shoes or playing a sport, comes from two things - being taught the correct way to do it and being given the opportunity to do it the right way over and over again through repetition.


Everything in life starts with a solid foundation.  Building a strong foundation early increases our opportunity to succeed. It's not always something that comes naturally. We're trained to do it.

We call this Foundational Skills Training

It's the basis of the Structural Sports training philosophy.   

We also know it is harder to re-learn how to do something than it is to learn how to do it correctly right from the start.

We teach athletes at a young age how to perform the skills necessary to have the most fun when playing football.  We've noticed that when someone struggles with the basic skills it's difficult for them to relax and really enjoy themselves.  That makes it hard for them to grow in the sport and learn more advanced skills that can make them more competitive on the field.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Nothing replaces 'getting reps' at any age in any sport.  The more time you spend training your body the more your body and mind learn how to do it 'without thought'.  This is the core of building muscle memory.  Do it right, do it often and you won't have to think about it when the time comes to perform it on the field.  We don't just teach you how to do it right.  We train you all year long so doing it right becomes second nature.  We're here for you.  Not just for a weekend or a week.  All year long.

Our coaches are current and former athletes as well as active youth coaches. We've come together to help teach young athletes the right way to perform the skills necessary to have the most FUN and be the most competitive they can be on gameday. 

Our football training programs are designed to be non-contact, and don't require pads, helmets, etc.  We use padded dummies and training equipment like 'ladders', hurdles and cones to help our athletes maximize the time they spend in our camps.  The only thing an athlete needs to bring are gym shoes (for indoor winter training), cleats (for outdoor spring/summer training), a water bottle and if they are a QB, their own football.

Click to learn more about our Football focused fundamental foundation personal training sessions and our Speed & Agility training.  We look forward to seeing you out there!

- Structural Sports Coaching Staff

Training Calendar
Agility Training

Pass Blocking - Getting a Rebound - Running the Football - Dribbling - Going up for a catch - Defending against a Post Player - Rolling out of the Pocket - Making a Lay Up - Making a Tackle - Stealing the Ball - Snagging an Interception - Stuffing a Run

All these things take agility to do right

Every Structural Sports camp starts with a session of agility training.  Every Camp.  Every Player.


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