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    Sample Videos SloMo
    Softball Athletes working on running form and explosiveness 5th Grade Football player working on WR 2 step and breakdown form 12yr old Football and Basketball athlete working on footwork and foot speed with the agility ladder

    NEW for 2016!

    Athlete Video Analysis

    Included with Personal Training

    For a few years now I've tinkered with video capturing our athletes while they train. My goal has been to provide another resource our clients can use to help themselves meet & exceed thier athletic goals. I believe video is a powerful tool and when used correctly can be a teaching tool as impactful as being out on the field itself. I use video every year to help my football teams, both youth and high school, succeed on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons and now that same resource will be available to our Personal Training clients. I couldn't be excited to finally offer this new training resource as part of our $40 per hour Personal Training package. That's right, there is no extra charge for this. My goal is to give all of our Personal Training clients as many resources as we can to can help them EXCEED thier goals! -Darren

    How does it work? Why Slow Motion? Follow-up
    We'll capture video during an athletes Personal Training session with a focus on how they 'bring it all together' near the end of thier session.

    Having a video capture of the athletes technique will allow us to share with them exactly what we're talking about when we coach them up.

    Within 24 hours of the training session the video we shared with the athlete will be uploaded to a personal video folder that is only accessible by the athlete and thier family.

    While watching real time, full speed video is fun we've learned that it is very difficult to focus on the details. The "details" are where change will occur and improvement will happen.

    By capturing technique in slow motion we are able to pinpoint exactly where technique is breaking down and what steps we can take with our athletes to help maximize improvement.

    Our coaches will follow-up with the families in email and include any coaching points and/or details to look for in the video. These are the areas the athlete will be working on during thier training session in order to maximize their potential.

    Getting better is an everyday exercise. By providing video evidence of our athletes technique and following up with coaching points of emphasis our athletes will have a complete toolbox of information they can use to become the athlete they are working hard to become.

    On the left of the page you can check out some example videos filmed in March 2016 of some of our current Personal Training clients.

    Click on a video to open a new window on our One Drive site to view the video. Each client has a personal folder that only they can access where their videos are uploaded.

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